Equipment and Components

Everything around induction technology

We offer you the full range of induction technology equipment as well as single components

Electrical and water bearing tube cables


Tube cables ae needed for a flexible connection of the inductor to the generator. Movements of the inductor are made possible without having to move the generator.

Quenching Shrouds / Water Shrouds


Quenching Shrouds / Water Shrouds are needed to cool the heated zone behind the inductor in order to achieve a hardening structure. They are manufactured of brass, copper and plastic.



Besides the coil the generator is the most important element of inductive heating installations. That is why we dispose of following types of generators in our own test laboratory for best functionality results during our developments:

  • MF Generator 60kW for high-resistance coil application 10-50kHz
  • MF Generator 60kW for low-resistance coil application 10-30kHz
  • HF Generator 75kW for low-resistance coil application 150-350kHz
  • HF Generator 20kW for low-resistance coil application 100-600kHz